Registration/Administrative Questions

If I sign up as a solo racer, and at a later time decide to race with a team, can I switch my registration from solo to a team registration?


If we sign up as a three-person team, and at a later time decide to race as a 4-person team, can I switch my registration from 3 to to 4-peson?

How do we add a team member to our team?
Please send us an email with your team name, your teammate’s name, email address, zip code and shirt size and we’ll make the necessary changes on our end. For payment, you can either use our online checkout (choose the solo racer option for your chosen distance) or you can send a check or money order to: 180 Adventure, 12779 N Pederson Rd, Hayward, WI 54843. If it is less than 2 weeks prior to race day, please use the online payment. Thanks!

Our team is racing the 30-hour race and we are trying to figure out travel logistics, do we need to check in on Friday? When could we expect to be done on Sunday?
One goal with Stubborn Mule is to set this up so that teams within a 4-5 hour drive should not have to take any days off work to race it. There won’t be any pre-race activities the night before the race. So whenever you arrive in the area that day is up to you. The race start is targeted for 7 a.m. on Saturday, with a pre-race meeting shortly before that. Race cut off is targeted for 1 p.m. on Sunday. Post-race – there will be a meal ready when you finish and any awards/prizes will be presented asap so teams can grab a nap and head home on Sunday if needed.

Will the race fill up?
Right now we have lots of room for your team, but we expect many entries to roll in just prior to the end of early registration. As we reach capacity, we’ll post a note on, Facebook, and Twitter.

Can you provide hotel recommendations?
The race will start and finish in the Cable, Wi area. There are many lodging options in the area, from hotel rooms to rental homes to camping. I’d recommend a google search for “lodging in Cable Wisconsin” to start.

Race Day Questions

Will maps be pre-plotted?

  • 5-hour race: the entire course will be pre-plotted for you.
  • 12-hour and 30-hour, the first few sections of the race will be pre-plotted. It is likely you will receive some UTM coordinates later in the race to plot.

Where can I shower after the race?

Can we use hybrid bikes?
A mountain bike will certainly make your race more enjoyable, but we also want to keep the races accessible to everyone, so we do not have any restriction on hybrid bikes. E-bikes are not allowed.

In addition to water, do we need to pack our own food?
The race organization is not providing food during the race, but there will be a nice post-race meal and beverages at the finish line.

Is there a possibility we could encounter bears or other dangerous animals?
Our staff has not encountered any black bears while working on course design this year, but use good sense out there!

What do we do in case of emergency?
If it is truly an emergency, please call 911. There will also be an emergency plan in your racer instructions.

Do 5-hour and 12-hour teams need glowsticks, bike lights, water purification, etc?
Please refer to the gear list

How tough will the navigation be?
We fully expect every team to be challenged not only with navigation, but also with decision-making and strategy throughout the race. Some CPs will definitely be easier than others. 30-hour teams should plan to be doing some long legs in difficult terrain with many route choices.

If our team brings our own paddles and pfds, will we need to carry them?Nope!

Is canoe rental separate for this event?
Canoes or kayaks (solo teams) are included.

Can 3-person teams use one canoe and one kayak?
Three-person teams must use one canoe. The canoes have two seats, so you might consider bringing a third seat or cushion for your middle paddler.

Will we be coming back to HQ at all after the race starts?


Does each member of the team need to perform all of the events or can the events be split among the members? Eg, is there a relay option?
The Stubborn Mule is a traditional adventure race in the sense that teammates stay together through the entire race; it is not a relay.

AR Newbie Questions

What is a “TA”?
A TA is a transition area, where you will be switching one from event to another. For example from biking to paddling.

This is our first race, what should we bring beyond the mandatory gear?
Food to last you through the event, long pants, long sleeve shirt, spare bike tubes, tire levers, bike repair kit, tube patches, a small bike pump, electrolyte replacement, waterproof map case, waterproof bag.

What do we do if we get lost?
Recovering from getting lost is a big part of the sport. We’ve all been there! You will always be fairly close to roads and major highways. It is a good practice to keep a recovery plan in mind, so that if you get lost, you know which direction to go to get to the nearest road/highway.

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