2013 SFAR Teams

Premier – Coed

Team Shades – 4-Person Coed
Rib Mountain Racing – 3-Person Coed
Corba Kai Dojo – 4-Person Coed
Elk Bones – 4-Person Coed
Don’t Know – 3-Person Coed
Scrambled Legs – 4-Person Co-ed
Team Chri – 3-Person Co-ed
Medicus WRX – 4-Person Coed
Schtarker Takes All – 4-Person Co-ed

Premier – Open

The CARs – 4-Person Male
Hunter Gatherer – 3-Person Male
Element of Surprise – 3-Person Female
Team Roswell – 4-Person Female
Legend of the Llamas – 3-Person Female

2-Person – Coed

K2 – 2-Person Co-ed
Ward and the Boever – 2-Person Co-ed
Occupy Bush – 2-Person Co-ed
Date Night – 2-Person Co-ed

2-Person – Open

Blugrass Ninjas – 2-Person Female
Hetland’s House – 2-Person Male
Tom and Danny – 2-Person Male
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows Р2-Person Male
Mayday – 2-Person Male
The Funky Bunch – 2-Person Female
Phineas and Ferb – 2-Person Male
Undecided – Two-Person Male
Horicon Marsh Creatures – Two-Person Male
Stewball – Two-Person Male
Big Bear Chase Me – Two-Person Male

Solo – Male

Pirate Squirrel – Solo Male
Orion – Solo Male
Michigan Adventure Racing – Solo Male
Kettle Moraine Meetup – Solo Male

Solo Female

Chia Pet– Solo Female

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