2018 SFAR Teams

Division Team Team Members
2-Person Open – Male Elkbones Anthony Leiton, Mike Prucha
2-Person Coed Norton Garry Norton, Melinda Norton
Solo Male Wisco Uproar * Chad Cole
2-Person Open – Female Wrong Way Sisters Jeri Boyce, Rene Magnuson
2-Person Coed Element E Brian Curry, Barb Curry
Solo Male Silver Fern Adventures Phillip Taylor
4-Person Male Checkpoint 9 Kyle Page, Craig Thiessen, Travis White, Danno Hoff
3-Person Male Go Ugly Early * Lucas T Woody, Cyle Newton, Quinten Smith
2-Person Coed I’m In Charge of the Map Cristin Hopp, Casey Hopp
Solo Male Eye of the World Mike LaScola
2-Person Coed MAD S Amber Dolphin, Steve Moechnig
3-Person Coed Rib Mountain Racing Tim Buchholz, Anna Nummelin, Erik Martinez
4-Person Coed CORBA Kai Dojo Jereme Rauckman, Cesar Arauz, Luke Pederson, Heidi Pederson
3-Person Coed Hill Yea! Kyle McAndrew, Annaliese Wimbleton, Charlie Kongkaeow
2-Person Open – Male Medicus WRX Mike Zolinski, Jeffy Everson
2-Person Open – Male Jammer Jeff Krueger, Mike Lucas

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