2017 SFAR Teams


Division Team Team Members
2-Person Coed Element E Brian Curry, Barb Curry
3-Person Coed Elkbones Anthony Leiton, Mike Prucha, Kelcy Boettcher
2-Person Coed MAD S Amber Dolphin, Steve Moechnig
Solo Male Team Steve Steve Walker
3-Person Coed Medicus WRX Mike Zolinski, Jeff Everson, Alesha Plowman
2-Person Coed K2 Andrea Korte, Brian Korte
2-Person Male The Pride of Lamont Jay Futterman, Gabriel Buehl
3-Person Coed Rib Mountain Racing Tim Buchholz, Anna Nummelin, Erik Martinez
Solo Male I’m My Own Spirit Animal Jereme Rauckman
2-Person Male Lost Fools John Baltzer, Garrett Baltzer
4-Person Coed What’s a Compass? Matt Chapman, Jen Chapman, Tia Derflinger, Adam Meirick
4-Person Male Jamie’s Trying Kevin Hoffmann, Bryan Slowick, James Teppen, Jamie Krzeminski
2-Person Coed TwoPeaz Jessica Bloodgood, Jason Berta
4-Person Coed Dream Team Eric Holland, Andrew Moore, Jerry Schmidt, Jessica Johnson
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