2017 SFAR Boat Rental

The following teams have rental boats reserved for this year’s Stubborn Fool Adventure Race.

If you would like to rent a canoe or kayak (solos only), please do so no later than March 27 using this link.

Team Canoes/Kayak (pfds and paddles included)
 Element E  1 canoe
 Lost Fools  1 canoe
 What’s a Compass?  1 canoe
 Jamie’s Trying  2 canoes
TwoPeaz 1 canoe
The pride of Lamont 1 canoe
Unicorn Skittles 1 canoe
Crippled Turtles 2 canoes
Big gulps, huh? 1 canoe
Whisky Bend 1 canoe
Thunder Dragons 1 canoe
SUNSHINE 1 canoe
I’m in Charge of the Map 1 canoe
THE Wiscohioans 1 canoe
Dapadabi 1 canoe
Haku AR 1 canoe
Corba Kai-Dojo 1 canoe
Team Jorts 1 canoe
Medicus WRX 1 canoe


1 canoe




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